Baked Fruit & Nuts stuffed Pita

Baked Fruit & Nut stuffed Pita

Baked Fruit & Nut stuffed Pita


A nice way of serving fruits and have a filling breakfast (or lunch, or snack ) 🙂

You need (for 2-3 persons):
♣     1 banana, cubed
♣     1 nectarine, cubed
♣     half a hand of almonds
♣     half a hand of hazelnuts
♣     half a hand of walnuts
♣     oil for baking (I like to use coconut oil)
♣     1 wholemeal pita per person (so 2 or 3)
♣     1 tsp cinnamon

You do:
– lightly toast the pita bread, to make it puff a little
– heat the oil in a skillet
– add nuts, bake and stir for a few minutes
– add cubed banana, nectarine and cinnamon, bake for a short while, switch off heat before it goes too soggy
– cut off the top of the pita bread so you have a nice pocket
– stuff the pita with the baked goodies and serve.

You could drizzle some orangey Cashew Cream on top (just mix orange zest and a little bit of agave or coconut nectar with Cashew Cream), or serve on the side 🙂


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