Semi Dried Tomatoes (dehydrated)


Semi Dried Tomatoes (dehydrated)
We have a tomato plant that is producing more than we had expected, so I thought it a good idea to make our own semi dried tomatoes. They are dehydrated, so contain all the goodies they were designed with 🙂 You could do this in your oven too, but the idea of dehydrating is not to go over 46C, in order not to kill the enzymes in them. Enzymes are doobies that help us with digesting our foods. If you want to do this in the oven, then set it at the lowest temperature, preferably 50C. If 70C is your lowest temp, then leave the door open.
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Cuisine: vegan, raw
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You need
  • all the tomatoes that you want to get ‘rid’ of, and that you have room for in your dehydrator
  • some sugar (I used Xylitol)
  • salt & pepper (I use Himalayan Rock salt, it is soooo much better for you than commercial table salt)
  • Italian or Provençal Herbs
  • a nice olive oil
To do
  1. cut the tomatoes in 4
  2. if using a dehydrator, transfer to a plate or dish to sprinkle oil all the other ingredients on top. If you would put the tomato straight onto your dehydrator tray and then sprinkle oil, your bench top is going to be a mess
  3. sprinkle oil, salt and as much of pepper and herbs as you like on top of the tomatoes, and just a light sprinkle of sugar
  4. transfer to dehydrator tray
  5. repeat till all tomatoes are gone, and switch on dehydrator. It took mine about 18 hours to get to my liking, but it could be shorter or longer for you. Just taste and check, they are finished when you are happy with the texture 🙂
To keep them, put them in a glass jar and cover with (olive) oil. I have added some chopped garlic cloves to the oil.


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