Rice Paper Rolls w Green Tea Kelp Noodles

Rice Paper Rolls w Green Tea Kelp Noodles
How much of each ingredient you put in these rolls is really up to you, but I'll roughly write down how much we needed for about 8 rolls.
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Cuisine: vegan, almost raw
Recipe type: snack or meal
Serves: 2
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Total time: 
You need
  • 1 avocado, sliced
  • half a pack of Green Tea Kelp Noodles
  • 1 medium to large carrot, julienne
  • lots of coriander, mint and dill, chopped and mixed
  • about ½ tbsp hemp seeds per roll
  • spinach, a few leafs per roll
  • 8 sheets of rice paper
  • a tsp sesame oil, a dash of apple cider vinegar, a bit of agave nectar and about 2 tbsp Tamari for dipping sauce
To do
  1. use a skillet to warm water (not too hot, you need to be able to stick your fingers in there)
  2. slide a sheet of rice paper in the water, leave it for a minute then pull it out with two hands, as not to fold it
  3. place on a plate and start arranging bits of all ingredients on top, on the side closest to you
  4. roll up; first from the front, then fold the two sides in, then roll up further
  5. mix the ingredients for the dipping sauce, put in a small bowl
  6. place rolls, cut in halves or leave as a whole, on a plate, together with dipping sauce. Add a second bowl with another dipping sauce if you like 🙂


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