The Urge to Scream

One person can make a difference...

One person can make a difference…


I’m stealing the words at the bottom of this post from somebody else. Maybe because I never want to step on toes, upset people, put them off, scare them off – indeed I bite my tongue and so I feel I can sort of hide behind the words of somebody else.

It’s not that I don’t understand why people don’t want to consider veganism, I do understand we have habits, we are attached to our rituals, our taste buds, our convenience, and I understand that we absolutely don’t want to know about the massive suffering of an unimaginable amount of animals in this world; because the truth – that’s hidden so well from us – is so bloody hard, it is awful and shocking. It tempts us to think that our piece of meat, our glass of milk or our leather shoes couldn’t possibly be that bad, can’t have contributed too much to misery, could they, and then disassociate to protect our soul. Or we may believe stories about humane killing, or free range farming and feel lulled into a guiltless state of mind, preventing us from actually questioning what we’re doing.

And this is where reality knocks on your door and says ‘Hey, you are a smart person’ (all my friends are  🙂 ), read up, google, listen, watch and learn how things really are. Because, the ONLY way to make all those horrible things stop, those things you don’t even feel up to hearing, let alone watching, is to stop contributing to them. That is, really, all.

Going/being vegan is not difficult. It’s living a life that contributes as little as possible to suffering, human and animal. The only thing it takes, is reading labels, and avoiding anything animals have been used for. When it comes to food and recipes; well, peace tastes so much better and thousands and thousands of recipes are available in books and on the internet.

Here’s the quote that appealed to me so much, because, of course, there is frustration in me as well….

Love to you all.

“Sometimes you just want to scream in people’s faces: “Stop hurting animals you selfish fuck! For Christ’s sake, it’s not that f*cking hard to be Vegan. Get over your selfishness and have a heart for fuck’s sake.”

But you don’t. You bite your tongue and look for better ways to express what you feel and think. And the pain goes inwards and burns a hole in your soul. “Why can’t these people just ‘get it’?””


  1. I love all your recipes! thanks for this great site 🙂

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