Why vegan & where to go to learn more??


credit: www.veganismisnonviolence.com

credit: www.veganismisnonviolence.com



So you are interested in veganism. Great! The world should have more people like you, people who are not afraid to open their minds and maybe even change their ways. Now, where to go first, what to watch, what to read? There are movies and websites that, all together, give you a lot of information, a few I have already mentioned under ‘Websites & Articles’. Here’s a few more to add to the list…

How to go vegan? The first things are the obvious ones: your food, your clothing. www.vegankit.com is a website that summarizes the different topics in a clear overview. Go there for your basics but also to have abolitionism explained – you will come across that term for sure.

You want to know what’s happening elsewhere, how people get involved in advocating veganism and what they do to get others involved? Have a look at www.veganoutreach.com, and you’ll find you’re not alone on this trip. There is also much more other info to be found on this website, from ‘veganism explained’ to recipes. Subscribe to their mailing list and you’ll be kept updated about the many different young people who reach out to people to get them going on the vegan path!

Then there is www.humanemyth.com; read about the myth of ‘free range’ and ‘humane killing’ and stories of former animal farmers.

I guess the most famous movie/documentary is ‘Earthlings‘ which shows us, without any fluffy clouds or cotton balls what goes on in the different industries where we use (read abuse) animals. Bits and pieces are available on the internet, but if you want the full Monty, if you want to know all about animal farming in 1.5 hours, watch this one, it’s free. If your sleep is easily interfered with, don’t watch this documentary just before you go to sleep.

There’s more to be added to the list, but this certainly should get you going 🙂


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