Toum for Garlic Addicts

Toum for Garlic Addicts
Toum is Lebanese for 'garlic', but if you order toum in a restaurant, you'll get this garlic paste. Sometimes made with egg white, but not necessarily. I had a go at making toum the traditional way with a mortar and pestle, which turned out tasting alright but not very fluffy, so I decided maybe I'm just not tough enough and tried it the electrical way. I used the small bowl of my food processor (a Kenwood, with only a single speed setting). Well, that worked out super fluffy! It is incredibly easy to make, but don't rush it or you'll ruin it. If you have a machine with more than 1 speed, I'd go for medium fast or just a tad faster, but no need to go at top speed. This is delicious in many ways, my current favorite is to spread it on the inside of a warm pita and stuff the pita with lettuce, coriander, rocket and apple 🙂
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Cuisine: vegan, Libanese
Recipe type: Condiment, life saver, necessity
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You need
  • 2 heads of garlic
  • 2 cups of oil (I used rice bran oil, you can also use sunflower oil, it has to be rather tasteless)
  • 2 tsp fresh lemon juice
  • a generous pinch of salt (Himalayan, in my case, as always)
To do
  1. peel the garlic and add to the small bowl of your food processor
  2. add your salt
  3. run machine for about 20 seconds, scrape sides and repeat
  4. the moment the garlic sticks to the sides, you can start adding half a cup of oil
  5. you do this VERY slowly, in a tiny stream. I used the 'funnel', for lack of better word, that comes with the machine and is perfect for this purpose - you'll see the oil and garlic start to become a nice homogenous mass.
  6. after half a cup, add ½ teaspoon of lemon juice
  7. start adding oil again very slowly, half a cup, then add lemon juice again
  8. continue till all is finished.
This recipe makes about half a liter of fluffy toum. Keep in a container in the fridge.



  1. I loved seeing this recipe here! I’m Lebanese and this is exactly how we make it 🙂
    it’s such a pleasure to see one of our staple foods so loved and appreciated 🙂

  2. Mike carroll says

    we always cover the jar with kitchen roll stop and then cling film stop condensation forming on lid and spoils the toum

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