Beetroot & Lavender Soup

Beetroot & Lavender Soup

Beetroot & Lavender Soup


An outrageously easy soup but soooo tasty!

Things you need:

♦     1.5 liters of water (top up if it evaporates)
♦     3 medium beetroots
♦     2 tbsp of veggie stock powder
♦     1 can of coconut cream
♦     1 & 0.5 tbsp lavender flowers
♦     pepper & Himalayan rock salt

You do:

– peel and chop the beetroots
– boil them in the water with the veggie stock powder
– when almost soft enough to blend, add coconut cream and 1 tbsp of lavender and let gently boil
– when beetroot is soft, blend the soup, either in a blender or with a stick blender
– add a bit more lavender and let simmer for a bit before you serve, just to infuse flavours
– serve and add a bit more of lavender on top

I also added some blood orange flavoured olive oil and a bit of chopped chives. You could drizzle a bit of olive oil and sprinkle the juice of a fresh orange.


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