Kale & Red Cabbage Parcels w Pine nuts

Kale & red Cabbage Parcels w Pine nuts

Kale & red Cabbage Parcels w Pine nuts


Nothing complicated, but they look very nice and taste lovely 🙂

You need (for 6-7 parcels):
•  6 stalks of kale
•  about 2.5 cm of a red cabbage
•  2-3 cloves of garlic, chopped or minced
•  a hand of pine nuts
•  salt & pepper
•  1/2 tsp curry powder (or more if you want a more obvious curry flavour)
•  coconut oil (I used deodorized oil this time) or other oil
•  6 or 7 sheets of filo pastry
•  sprinkles of poppy seeds
•  I used a bit of my Coriander & Macadamia Terrine, but you can use fresh coriander in stead, about half a cup.
•  a tbsp of Cashew Cream  per parcel – optional
•  a sprinkle of nutritional yeast per parcel – optional

You do:
– preheat oven to about 200C
– pull the leafy bits of the stem of the kale
– chop kale and cabbage quite finely
– heat oil in skillet
– add garlic, stir, don’t let brown too much
– add kale and cabbage, stir
– toss in pine nuts, salt & pepper, curry powder
– stir and let veggies shrink a little till slightly compacted
– fold a sheet of pastry, brush/spray w oil, fold again, brush again lightly
– add a large spoon of veggie mixture
– optional: place a spoon of Cashew Cream on top, with a sprinkle of nutritional yeast – the Cashew cream will keep it moist
– roughly arrange sides of pastry over the top, as you like. Brush/spray with oil
– sprinkle with poppy seeds
– place on rack in oven tray and bake in oven till nice and brown. If you don’t use a rack, the bottom of the parcels may become a bit too moist and thus not crispy.


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