Stuffed Conchiglioni w Cherry Tomato, Basil Cream & Smoked Paprika

Stuffed Conchiglioni w Cherry Tomato, Basil Cream & Smoked Paprika
These shells make lovely finger food, or you can have it as part of your main, with a salad on the side. They're fun to eat (with your fingers, of course) and easy to make. Spice 'em up with a bit of chilli sauce at the end, or have them nice and creamy as they are.
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Cuisine: vegan
Recipe type: finger food, pasta
Serves: 26
Prep time: 
Cook/wait time: 
Total time: 
You need
  • 26 conchiglioni (about 120gr)
  • 13 cherry tomatoes
  • ½ cup of grated vegan cheese
  • smoked paprika powder, a decent pinch per conchiglione
for the basil cream:
  • ½ cup Cashew Cream
  • 28 leaves of fresh basil, mixed sizes
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • a good grind of pepper
  • salt, to taste
  • a drizzle of olive oil (optional)
To do
  1. cook conchiglioni till al dente (8min)
  2. heat up the grill of your oven (about 180-190C)
  3. in the meantime, slice cherry tomatoes in halves
  4. add ingredients for the basil cream in the container or bowl of your blender and blend till all smooth - if too thick, add a tad of water (careful here, cashew cream thins easily!)
  5. when conchiglioni are done, drain into sieve and rinse under cold water
  6. in each shell, put half a cherry tomato and a small teaspoon of basil cream
  7. place in an silicon oven dish or a dish lined with baking paper
  8. finish all of them, then sprinkle your grated cheese on top, and place in oven
  9. grill or bake till cheese starts to melt or brown, depending on the type of cheese you can find, making sure the pasta shells don't go dry
  10. when done, put a good pinch of smoked paprika powder on each shell, and if you like, drizzle some nice olive oil over the top
Nutritional Information
Serving size: 1 shell Calories: 33 Fat: 0.8gr Trans fat: 0gr Carbohydrates: 6gr Sodium: 1.1gr Fiber: 2gr Protein: 1.2gr Cholesterol: 0mg


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