Go Vegan New Zealand

Go Vegan New Zealand

Go Vegan New Zealand


Go Vegan NZ is a New Zealand website that focusses on informing people about veganism and providing support to people in the process of going vegan.

The problems of all farm animals are explained in a clear manner, so you understand what is going on with the animals we use for food.

As they say:

“Go Vegan is a national organisation dedicated to growing the vegan population in New Zealand. We support the cessation of commercial animal use.

We focus on:

1) Vegan advertising campaigns

2) Supporting activists with outreach resources, and

3) Providing resources for those transitioning to veganism

Started in 2012, Go Vegan was designed with a volunteer-based approach in mind. All of our materials are produced by volunteers, and are publicly available for anyone with similar aims to download and freely use.

We produce advertising, write and publish articles in mainstream media, furnish volunteers with outreach stalls, and provide street-kits to those who want to hit the streets. We provide education to volunteers on how to interact effectively with the public, and produce “passive” education kits for installation. We rely on funding from sponsors, fundraising and donations.”

If you want to do more, like create awareness, Go Vegan is there to help you and provide you with tools.


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