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I love REAL food. Things that grew with roots. Things that grew thanks to water and sun. Not designed in a lab, not gone through nutrient damaging processes. Preferably from our garden straight into our kitchen. It is fun, it feels like the real deal, and I enjoy that there’s an independence in eating our own food. Of course many products we can’t grow; I do have to buy coffee beans, bananas, oats, and we don’t have a toilet paper tree either. But you may get my drift: I try to eat as wholesome as possible.

But why dust and grass, you may ask? Well, simply because I don’t agree with how we treat other beings. I don’t want to suffer, you don’t want to suffer, our pets don’t want to suffer, and other animals don’t want to either. Especially if it’s not necessary for good health. And even if one thinks we do need to eat animal products to be healthy, which a lot of people tend to think, then the question is HOW MUCH? I don’t think that snacking on chicken nuggets or kidney pies is in any way necessary for our health. Nor is eating meat every day. Dairy is a weird one all the way, as how can it be perceived as natural or healthy to drink the breast milk of another animal? Why would we drink their hormones? Odd, to say the least. My idea is that most of us are in desperate need of fiber, much more so than animal products – but you don’t hear anybody ask ‘Where do you get your fiber from?’, do you 😀

But anyway, there’s a myriad of reasons why I don’t think we need to or even were designed to eat the amount of animal products that we do eat, and so, keeping both my will to live as any animal’s will to live in mind, I abstain. Quite happily as no sight or thought of slaughter, docking, snipping, cutting, branding, burning, castrating, or removing babies has ever made me happy. So you see, to go vegan you don’t even have to think animal products are bad for us, just disagreeing with the way those products end up on our plate and in our house may be more than enough.

So I went vegan for ethical reasons, not for health reasons, but I did experience a bonus: my health improved. Having a few heart conditions this was actually a big bonus: any improvement is welcome! Bloating decreased, I started to feel a bit clearer in my mind and I gained some energy. Big things, when you have arrived at a medical state where only maintenance is possible from a treatment point of view.

So this recipe website is a way for myself to do something positive in this world, to share vegan, healthy and fun recipes. I don’t cook complicated stuff, as I’m not a professional: it’s just food we eat on daily basis.  I also do my own photography, another hobby of mine and sometimes it works out better than other times. Or worse, I should say 😀

I hope my recipes bring you new ideas and inspiration to tweak them. Do feel free to comment or to ask me anything!

And in case you wonder who the canines below are: the first three used to be my helpers in the kitchen: Tommy, Billy, and Jazz. As you can imagine, they were invaluable to my cooking as they were the best tasters in the world! You have helpers like that too? Leaving me pretty heartbroken, all 3 have now passed away but I do have another little Canine helper and he is always happy to oblige when he’s not lying on his back to have his tummy rubbed 😀 He recently got a sister, adopted from the SPCA and they make a specialist gourmet team!

Thank you for visiting my page and reading up on us! 🙂

Love & light to you


Tommie 22/3/1999 - 16/10/2014 Senior Kitchen Help, Sensitive nose. Healer. Expert shaker. Lifelong friend and dearly missed. Tommie 22/3/1999 – 16/10/2014 Senior Kitchen Help, Sensitive nose. Healer. Stylish. Expert shaker. Lifelong friend and dearly missed.
On the left: Billy. Junior Kitchen Help. Born in 2006. Carrot Muncher and Tomato Harvester. Devoted Foodie. On the right, Jazz. About 4 years old, adopted. Gentle girl. Loves stealing bread, lollies and toilet paper. On the left: Billy. Junior Kitchen Help. 2006 – 2017. Carrot Muncher and Tomato Harvester. Devoted Foodie.
On the right, Jazz. Adopted. Loved stealing bread, lollies and toilet paper.

Lala, adopted sweetheart and top-grinner. Will eat anything and very fast.

Copper, a very clever cookie, self-walker, recently has been outpaced on scoffing down dinners.


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