Raw Ginger Chocolate
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No chocolate is nicer than raw chocolate, made by you :-) Not only is it fantastic to eat them, but also to see the smiles on the faces of your friends and family when they taste them :-)

I use 'official' chocolate moulds and also silicon trays or small muffin moulds. If you use floppy moulds, you may want to put them on a tray or piece of carton so it is easier to transport to the fridge.

Other flavours are easy to create, by adding (to a unflavoured base) orange zest, nuts of all sorts, a small dash of liquor, chilli powder, cinnamon, nutmeg, you name it! This makes roughly 1.5 tray of choccies, so about 18.
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Recipe type: sweets
Cuisine: vegan, raw
Serves: 18
You need
  • 1 cup of grated raw cacao butter
  • ½ cup of raw cacao powder
  • ¼ cup of raw agave nectar or coconut nectar
  • 2 tsp of vanilla paste or essence
  • 2 to 3 tbsp of grated ginger, depending on how strong you want the ginger flavour
To do
  1. slowly melt the grated cacao butter in a plastic jug or ceramic jug au bain Marie. (Never let it boil, as it is meant to be raw, so definitely not to be heated over 46C). Using a stainless steel jug or glass has failed with me as the chocolate became too hot and therefore thick, so don't try that ;-)
  2. when it is melted, use a small whisk to stir in the vanilla paste and agave nectar
  3. when that is nicely mixed, stir in the cacao powder bit by bit, but no need to worry about clumps as they dissolve pretty much straight away
  4. when the powder is dissolved, your chocolate mixture is ready to be poured
  5. while you don't use it, just let it sit on the stove in the warm water so it doesn't go thick
  6. add the ginger to the chocolate and mix through
  7. fill up all moulds and pop in fridge or freezer
  8. it won't take long for the chocolate to get hard; after an hour, pop one out and when all nice and hard, pop the others out too.
  9. Keep them in a container with lid in the fridge.
It is easy to make some plain chocolates and some flavoured ones: just fill a part of your mould before you add the flavours.
Recipe by VaVaVoom Vegan & Organic Recipes at http://eerainuh.com/raw-ginger-chocolate/