Raw Chocolate Chia Pudding
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A light but yet filling breakfast or dessert, and you can make it fancy with more fruits or nuts, or just keep it basic :-)
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Recipe type: breakfast/dessert/snack
Cuisine: vegan & raw
Serves: 1
You need
  • ⅛ cup Chia Seeds
  • ½ cup light coconut milk
  • 2 tbsp Xylitol (or you can use any natural sweetener you like)
  • 1 tbsp raw cacao powder
  • 1 tsp Maca (optional, it’s just very good for you)
  • some soaked raisins (soaking is optional)
  • sliced or chopped apple, as much as you like
  • for decoration: coconut & goji berries
To do
  1. soak the seeds in the coconut milk with the cacao powder, Maca and sweetener (I soaked them overnight for breakfast, but a few hours should be fine)
  2. rinse and soak the raisins in warm water for half an hour
  3. when ready to eat, mix in apple and raisins (or use for topping) and sprinkle the goji berries and a bit of coconut on top
  4. Too easy and very healthy!
Recipe by VaVaVoom Vegan & Organic Recipes at http://eerainuh.com/raw-chocolate-chia-pudding/